Ermina Kaskanakou

In the area of aesthetics i have been working since 1996 after studying first in Thessaloniki. I always liked working with my hands in everything that has to do with artistic creation and aesthetics. That was the reason I choose this business area. 

Am interested in aesthetics in its broad sense, as far as our external appearance is concerned but mainly our internal substance and what surrounds us. That means to me high standards in quality of life. 

I was born and raised in Ioannina. One of the things that characterizes me according to my friends is that am very optimist and I try to enjoy each day of my life. Today I’ve got two daughters and everything is fine.


Maria Kakaidi

I was born and raised in Ioannina. In the area of aesthetics i have been working since 1996.

I have always believed that having perseverance and patience you can achieve your dreams. So all these years with great tenacity and fight I have been trying to give the best in my work. Constant updating is a big piece of an ultimately successful career.

In General when I relax I'm thinking very positively. I love to exercise and dance. Today I have a daughter and everything is different. My life has obtained much feeling and a new urge to keep trying.

Beauty spot was launched in April 2002.

During these years we tried and we succeeded to provide the best possible service in a beautiful and relaxing environment.

With your support all these years we accomplish a continuous upward trend in the field of aesthetics. We develop relationships of trust and openness as a result of the consistency and reliability that we want to characterize us.

Our place is well equipped and we always keep high standards of hygiene, we are always prepared to welcome you and offer you the hospitality you deserve.

Our goal is to beautify your home your lives "as far as it passes through our hands" and a smile on your lips. We are here to provide you with the best that you deserve.

We are thankful for your attention.